The Master's Woman

Smut-Shorties, #5

When I read The Master’s Woman, I loved Cyan’s internal talk to herself, preparing for the unavoidable indignity and then getting the exact opposite. The woman has moxie and I like her. I like the background story of politics. And, I also like how the protagonist, Very, shows his insanity. He is a hot and sexy alpha male, and he definitely knows his way around a woman. But, he needs to get his head out of council meetings and concentrate on Cyan to alleviate her anxiety. The chase scene was well written, and the finale is appropriately scorching. For such short stories the author does a fabulous job creating in-depth characters that I care about and wish to continue learning about.

The story starts with Cyan and Veyr and it’s the morning after the winter ball. Cyan figures she had a good run and was fortunate for the opportunity, and she is ready for her consolation prize. What she doesn't understand is how Veyr thinks of her, like she’s the ultimate prize. The question is whether or not he will let her go.

Book Blurb for The Master's Woman

Smut-Shorties: A great on-the-go short to satisfy your craving for smut!

The Master of the City. The most powerful werewolf in the city. Hot as all the hells. He'd been Cyan's for a night, but her time with him over, Cyan is annoyed to realize Veyr isn't even present to bid her goodbye. Instead he sends his Captain with the Midwinter gown, a sumptuous white dress given to the Midwinter woman to keep. They're considered heirlooms in the making, handed down through generations.

And Cyan doesn't want one. She wants Veyr. But the dress Veyr sends isn't white. It's red.

Far from letting her go, Veyr has called for a Claiming Chase. If he catches her, she's his. But first he has to chase her, capture her...claim her.

In front of the Council.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 4.00