The Marriage Mart

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The Marriage Mart

Book One in the Marriage series...

Esther rocks. Simpering miss of the ton? Think again. This woman isn't taking an arraigned marriage lying down. I loved the way she assessed a situation, and went in guns blazing. She's a little self-centered, but quick to recognize when her actions are over the top. Marcus has been the bane of her existence since childhood. She hasn't seen him in ten years, and what a difference a decade makes!

The plot keeps them apart for quite awhile in the beginning of the book, and their "first" meeting is unusual, but it just gets more interesting from there. Who is trying to blackmail them? Why does Marcus dislike her so, but can't keep his hands (or lips) off of her? If she hates him so, why does her heart speed up around him? Why does she melt into every kiss she denies she wants? I thought this was a great examination of how someone you think you know is not what you thought at all. And getting past your preconceptions can lead you somewhere you never knew existed.

Definitely read and enjoy this book as it has humor, sadness, friendship, discovery, and love all put together in an intriguing tale sure to entertain.

Book Blurb for The Marriage Mart

Lady Ester Richmond enjoys the freedom of living on her father's country estate, uninhibited by the irrational whims of a husband. But her father is determined to see her wed to a man she has never met. So with the help of her friends, Lady Ester masquerades as a young lord to find information about her betrothed and discover a way to thwart the engagement. Not even the disapproval of her oldest friend's stuffy brother will stop her.

Marcus, Earl of Rochester, has resurrected his family from near ruin and will protect their assets and their reputation at all costs. But when his sister joins the impetuous Lady Ester in a rash adventure, he cannot overlook the scandal certain to ensue. Ester's masquerade would ruin not only her own reputation, but that of her friends as well. This time Ester has gone too far and Marcus is determined to halt her disastrous escapade.

But when a blackmailer threatens them all, Marcus and Ester must learn to put aside their differences and accept that sometimes the promise of each other is worth a little scandal.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50