The King takes a Mate

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The King takes a Mate

Shifter Fight League Book 4

This is just what I was looking for to round out this serial. Logan and Zara finally seal the deal and we get a tub side seat to the whole thing. While the third book tied things up nicely this takes a steamy step further and really helps me envision their happily ever after.

Not much more can be said, as this was an extremely short read. All in all, enjoyed the whole experience even though serials aren’t a favorite.

Book Blurb for The King takes a Mate

She's carrying his cub, but will he make her his queen?

Newly rescued by, and now engaged to, Logan Reese, the alpha werelion King of the Ring, Zara Hunter no longer needs to worry about anything. With her father in hiding and no leads on the illegal shifter fight clubs, she can relax and take it easy. Which is a good thing because, with a baby on the way, she needs all the rest she can get. In fact, there's only one fly in the ointment of her perfect life. Logan hasn't claimed her yet, and until she has his bite, they're not properly mated...

He'll make her his, if its the last thing he does...

Ex-Cagefighter turned billionaire businessman Logan has everything he's ever wanted. Money, success from running the Shifter Fight League, and now a beautiful woman with a baby on the way. But his inner lion wants more. Zara might have his ring on her finger but he won't rest until she has his bite on her shoulder, and every shapeshifter and paranormal in the city knows she's his...

And tonight's the night.

Please note: For maximum enjoyment, you should read In Debt to the King, King's Property and King's Proposal before this title.

Fair Warning: This is a raunchy little shortie that contains one hot as hell werelion and his sexy, curvy woman. Includes: HFN and hot mating, biting sex (in a bath)

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.50