The Italian

This author is an immediate “gotta have it” for me. She always writes a fabulous story that speaks to my inner vixen and this was no exception. Stefano was swoon worthy and all he was missing was a cape. Selfless and dedicated he was breathtaking when all that devotion was swung Jamie’s way. What woman could resist? Certainly not Jamie, who sought out Stefano to deliver a package for her grandfather. They quickly become intimate which leads to much more but Stefano’s mission to put away a mob boss rears its ugly head, threatening everything.

Stefano is a judge who has been in basic seclusion for three years building a case against a ruthless mobster. Surrounded by a cadre of dedicated soldiers he works seven days a week on his mission. Until Jamie. She’s a breath of fresh air he desperately needs and soon becomes vital to him. That’s a mistake as association with him marks her as a means to hurt him. Jamie, while not an innocent virgin, has never met a man who ignites all her senses like Stefano and she finds herself powerless. My only complaint is I didn’t get the ending I expect from this author. The book kind of petered out at the end instead of the explosive physical and emotional claiming I anticipated and I kind of felt cheated because of that.

Book Blurb for The Italian

Designer Jamie McIntyre is on a working vacation in Palermo, Sicily, soaking up the sunshine and the art, trying to contact a former law student of her grandfather’s. She’s thinking “nerd in a suit”. But Judge Stefano Leone is as far from a boring suit as possible. He’s also the toughest, sexiest man she’s ever met, in bed and out. There’s no resisting his commanding presence—or his beautiful body. Jaime quickly falls under his mesmerizing spell.

Until she’s forced to make an impossible choice.

Stefano Leone is closing in on one of the most dangerous mobsters on earth. He’s surrounded by armed men, his life under constant threat. He’s not had time for sex in years, let alone love. The beautiful American woman, however, slips right under his guard and into his bed…and his heart. But does she truly want Stefano? Or has she been sent to seduce him—or worse?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00