The Hellfire Riders MC, Volumes 1-3

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The Hellfire Riders MC, Volumes 1-3

The Motorcycle Clubs Box-Set Book 1

These two are like a gritty Romeo and Juliet. They met during a dangerous situation and Saxon did the right thing and paid the ultimate price. That’s a man you keep. Saxon is complex, a forward thinker and a one-woman man. He’s loyal to his club and does what his heart tells him, not what others think he should do.

Jenny is a strong woman and has her dreams, but doesn’t always pursue them, as she’s busy taking care of others. It’s a blow when Saxon is taken away before they have a chance to start but she has feelings for him for years. When he comes for her due to circumstances that make it possible, it was game on.

This whole series is awesome. It’s emotional and gritty while also making me envious of these women. These are knights of old (granted, not all of them) with loyalty and keeping their word above all. It’s not all kittens and rainbows; the clubs are involved in some not so nice stuff and do highly questionable things. An excellent read with plenty of spice and sass with a dose of violence and a sprinkling of controversy.

Book Blurb for The Hellfire Riders MC, Volumes 1-3

Collecting the first three novellas in the Hellfire Riders series, this box set is over 300 pages and features the complete story of one couple — the president of the Hellfire Riders MC, Saxon Gray, and the woman he’d cross any line to have…

Wanting It All

Taking It All

Having It All

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.50