The Gift

Hannah is happily married to Benjamin. She and Benjamin are trying to conceive and discover the unthinkable; Benjamin is incapable. The stress and disappointment are taking a toll on their love life and they opt for a weekend at the family cabin to get away and reconnect as lovers, not just a couple trying to make a baby. And joining them is Ethan and the woman he dates. It’s to be a birthday celebration for the twins. Or so Hannah thinks.

Benjamin and Ethan are identical twins. They share everything. All except Hannah. Hannah loves both men, actually met Ethan first, but Benjamin was the first to claim her. The elephant in the room has always been ignored, but Benjamin’s infertility spawns an idea that he just can’t shake. The three of them can make, and be, a family. Now he just has to convince Ethan and Hannah.

Not a ménage of opportunity, this was well thought out by Benjamin. Ethan and Hannah both love and desire one another, but the constricts of society have to be removed for them to move forward. The tension and denial made for a build up that the reader was totally involved in. Benjamin’s machinations, while at times awkward, were the catalyst for Ethan and Hannah to let go of their fears of hurting the man they both loved and actually considering his proposal. A provocative steamy read that put a lot of thought into the dynamics and repercussions that such a relationship would entail, and addressed them accordingly.

Book Blurb for The Gift

Ethan Neilson will do anything for his twin brother. Even father the child Benjamin is unable to with the woman they both love. All their lives, the brothers have shared everything—everything but the woman who matters most.

After several failed attempts to conceive a child, Hannah desperately wants a break. A weekend getaway to celebrate the birthdays of the two men she loves seems like the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind.
Benjamin knows Ethan and Hannah love one another, just as he knows the three of them together forever is the way it always should have been. Now the only thing he has to do is convince his brother and wife. Having a child would be wonderful, but sharing his wife’s heart and body with his brother is the gift Benjamin wants most of all.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.25