The Edge of Forever

An idyllic childhood that led to marrying her "forever" sweetheart ends in disaster for Poppy. What appeared to be a charmed life ended tragically and we have a front row seat to her recovery. As she makes a life-altering decision to leave her hometown, she's also making a decision to move on from her grief. As it should be.

Blake helped Poppy via phone work through her pain, but she helped him too. When his feelings of brotherly love change he can't really say, and now he has Poppy living under his roof, working in his office, and in every aspect of his life. How does he let her know his feelings have changed, and can they both live with the fallout of surrendering to the growing emotions between them?

Back in the dark ages it was considered a sin to marry your brother's widow; there were even laws against it. Who knows, the law may still exist on some books somewhere even as we speak. I guess that is where the shame comes from in this story. Both Blake and Poppy are educated people, who know right from wrong. What they are worried about doesn't really exist, other than in their own minds. They also spend a lot of time worrying over what the family will think, but again, whose life is this? This was a story with passion and eroticism, a lot of guilt and second-guessing, and a mystery antagonist who wants to keep Blake and Poppy apart.

Book Blurb for The Edge of Forever

A woman who lost everything she ever loved...

Poppy Matthews lost her husband and unborn baby in a car accident. Even years after his death she still moves through life without meaning, that is until her husband's older brother offers her a safe haven. Deciding to move to Blithe, Alaska, Poppy finds love again in the most unlikely place.

He loves her even though she is his brother's wife...

Blake Ellis has lived an isolated life since his brother Jon died two years prior. When Poppy, his younger brother's widow comes to live with him, Blake knows his feelings for her are far from innocent. Both of them have suffered a heartache that has yet to heal, but they find comfort and love again in each other's arms. But not everyone thinks the two should be together, and they will go to great lengths to make sure they know it.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 3.50