The Duke Next Door

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The Duke Next Door

The Heiress Brides

This is the second installment in the Heiress Brides Trilogy. Dierdre Cantor is the beauty of the three cousins trying to fulfill their late grandfathers wish for one of his ancestors to marry a duke, as outlined in his will. To facilitate her success, she boldly asks the Marquis of Brookhaven, future Duke of Brookmoor, to be her husband the day his brother marries his fianc‚. Surprisingly, to both of them, he says yes.

There are secrets kept on both sides. Revelations are made. Dierdre has married herself to a man, not a title, and soon finds this out. The problem is, due to his past, Calder tends to count on one thing, his factories with their complicated, but unemotional, machines. Can Dierdre forgive the secret kept from her? Can she find the heart behind the machine?

I enjoyed this installment even more than the first. Dierdre was painted as shallow and conniving in the first book, but the layers peel back and you see the real woman. This book had a darker tone than the lighthearted first book, and I enjoyed the contrast immensely. The third and last story can't come quick enough.

Book Blurb for The Duke Next Door

A MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE The dangerously beautiful Deirdre Cantor is determined to inherit her grandfather's vast fortune. All she needs is to marry a duke . . . and be the first granddaughter to walk down the aisle. So when brooding Calder Marbrook, the Marquis of Brookhaven and future Duke of of Brookmoor, is abandoned at the altar, Deirdre makes it her business to become his wife--in spite of the whispers about his past. AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH Soon Deirdre's visions of a lavish existence with the handsome Calder are shattered when she learns his shocking secret. Feeling betrayed, Deirdre seeks veangeance by playing a perilous and seductive game of cat and mouse with her husband that threatens to drive them both to the heights of passion. But at what cost? Calder is determined to keep his secret under lock and key--and to make his stunning wife his in every way that matters. Even if it means winning her heart all over again . . .

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.50