The Demon and the Succubus

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The Demon and the Succubus

A Sisters of Darkness Novel, #2

Being in hiding for 700 years can get really, well, old. But when succubus Amalya is approached in the high class brothel she works at by a gorgeous man, she’s overcome with more than the simple lust she feels when filling her quota for her queen. Levi and she connect immediately and as any woman she has fantasies of more. But that hope is crushed when he reveals his true motive in seducing her immediately. She needed the energy to escape demon bounty hunters, and he is her protector for her trip back to Lilith’s lair.

Levi Spencer is half demon. The other half is yet to be determined. Bargaining for information about his father he summons Lilith and strikes a bargain that will give him the identity of his sire. He doesn’t expect to develop feelings for his charge or the harrowing journey that will result from running from the bounty hunters. Using his wits and supernatural connections, he and Amalya are joined by Jethro, Amalya’s bodyguard from the brothel, to battle their way across the country. With plots within plots, heavenly politics, demonic bargaining, revenge and a demanding mother in the mix, it is a wild adventure. But no wilder than falling in love.

The second installment in a new series, I absolutely adored Levi. Sure he’s an uppity British snob, but that just adds to his appeal. As he and Amalya travel together, he begins to see himself through her eyes and is astounded at what an ass he can really be. Loved it! Amalya was strong as well as smart. Often smarter than Levi and Jethro combined, and not shy about it. Full of hot and steamy sex as well as an intriguing side story involving the angels, I couldn’t put this book down. Now I just have to wait for the next installment involving another succubi sister and her hero, and more information to unravel the mystery of Armageddon and how Lilith and Uriel can have their happily ever after.

Book Blurb for The Demon and the Succubus

Second in the "deliciously wicked and sexy" (New York Times) series starring four succubi sisters on the run from a deadly demon.

Amalya has spent the centuries using her succubus skills to become one of the most sought-after escorts at a high class brothel. Seducing and corrupting men to make her quota with her queen, Lilith, has left Amalya jaded about sex-until a devastatingly handsome new client triggers her most forbidden desires and delivers an enticing surprise.

Levi Spencer, Duke of Ashford, has been offered a deal he can't refuse in exchange for safely slipping Amalya back into Lilith's lair. But a demon with a vendetta is plotting something far more sinister than Amalya's death. And if Levi and Amalya can't stop him, it will mean the end of the world.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.50