The Bridegroom

A "Dirty Bits" Short Story

Christian names are never spoken throughout this quick peak into a medieval lady's thoughts. Forced to marry a man for political reasons, we hear her thoughts spoken in the language of the time as she thinks about what is to come on her wedding night. And her secret wish for it.

As the story progresses we are privy to her unorthodox wedding night (which was hot, hot, hot) and her unexpected reactions to the carnal side of marriage. After an interval we again witness how the relationship between the lord and his lady has progressed and how emotion is now involved and how it soothes what was once a wound to the soul.

I for one really enjoyed this snippet out of time and a look into a sheltered woman's introduction to marriage. While protected as a lady, she is also exposed to a lot of harsh realities. Her handling of herself and her conflicting emotions concerning her new husband are to be admired. A quick change of pace read.

Book Blurb for The Bridegroom

Medieval life is hard for everyone, especially for noble women forced to marry their enemies. Yet even then women longed for love and fulfillment. Can a reluctant bride find true happiness in an arranged marriage?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 3.50