The Better to Eat You With

I want to grow up to be just like Elise.  A woman who goes for what she wants and doesn’t let life get in her way, she is now a grandmother and missing the benefits of having a man around.  A widow, she’s still beautiful and still desires a man.  Unable to stop herself, she touches herself in her garden and loses herself in fantasy.  But then a nightmare shows up.  Nicholas Wolfe, her first love, catches her in the act.  A conversation decades overdue is about to happen, and instead of closure a new beginning. 

The author artfully combined a fairytale with a common theme in romance; the one that got away.  I found it cute and sexy at the same time.  A woman he couldn’t forget or replace brought Nicholas Wolfe back, but if he thought it was going to be easy he was mistaken.  Elise tried to protect herself from being vulnerable to Nick, but she always loved him.  Their banter and physical reunion made for an entertaining as well as steamy quick read.  Recommended. 

Book Blurb for The Better to Eat You With

Contemporary Erotic Romance inspired by a fairy tale
Length: 33 pages
Free spirit Elise might be a grandmother now, but she's still beautiful, darn it. And she still wants pleasure. An afternoon working in the garden can't take the edge off her unsatisfied yearnings, so she gives in to the urge to touch herself. Right there in the open yard. Under the hot sun. Where anyone can see her. Where even a Wolfe might track her down...Nicholas Wolfe, that is, her first love, home again after all these years.
You'll never see granny and the wolf quite the same way again!

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.00