Tender Warrior

Aurora, #3

LaJesa is six feet of all woman and she’s not happy with her assignment. Even worse, she’s been cursed with an earthling male to assist her. As she and Sargeant Mick journey to the only place on the planet that Tasmyn can be held that would interfere with her bond with the prince, LaJesa is sure the man will be the end of them with his ignorance of the planet he is on and his masculine arrogance.

Thaxton Mick is bowled over by the goddess with the sword he’s been assigned to. While his pride insists he lead the rescue, he battles it to follow the lead of the woman who obviously knows what she is doing. The deeper they get into the mission the deeper he falls under her spell. As the lethal danger increases so does his attraction.

This was a fast read that kept the story of DeMarcus and Tamsyn alive as well as introduced two new characters. LaJesa and Thax were well matched and both were dominant but Thax had the sense to follow when it was called for. LaJesa had a lot of baggage from her past and that put up a few roadblocks that were evaded skillfully by Thax. While the story didn’t end with an HEA for LaJesa and Thax, more of a HFN, DeMarcus and Tamsyn reunited with fire and passion. A good read.

Book Blurb for Tender Warrior

The Earthling Tasmin Robinson, consort to Prince DeMarcus, has been kidnapped by separatist cultists. LaJesa is a trained warrior and resents being sent after the prince's wayward Human. To make matters worse, she's forced to work with an Earth soldier, Master Sergeant Thaxton Mick, the most infuriating creature she's ever met.

LaJesa's no separatist, but she's worked hard to gain the respect of her fellow warriors, and that has meant putting heart and soul into her work. She's got no time for relationships. Certainly not with some annoying Human. And she's definitely not falling in love with him. No matter how skilled, or handsome, the Human proves to be, she needs him to concentrate on his job, not on seducing her.

Can they save the consort without killing each other in the process? (Page Count: 49)

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 3.50