Tempting Target

Widowed not long after being married, Jade is just now coming out of the resulting fog of grief. With her mother and sister encouraging her to live again, which means date, she is seriously considering their advice. Determined to avoid men in dangerous occupations like her deceased husband Aidan, she removes her wedding band and is ready to live again.

David has been in love with Jade since he met her. Unfortunately she was marrying his best friend, so he buried his feelings. After the death of Aidan, he was there for Jade as a shoulder to lean on. Unfortunately she now sees him as a best friend and brother, not a potential lover and mate. He can’t let another man steal the woman he’s been waiting for for years, so he has to change her perception of him and give them a chance. But how to do that?

Caution is what David employed in his seduction of Jade. Changing a woman’s perception isn’t easy, and it was fun reading about her reactions to his bare chest and other displays he made to illustrate he was a sexy man. His restraint was legendary as far as I was concerned, and I’ve never read a book about two people who had more trouble getting naked together. It almost got comical. While it seemed like a long timeframe, it really wasn’t. What drove the story was the intrigue as to who was stalking Jade and trying to kill her, and was an opportunity for David to be the hero as he saved the day.

Lot’s of erotic interludes without "completion" kept me reading hoping these two would finally be able to consummate their fledgling relationship. A good way to spend an afternoon.

Book Blurb for Tempting Target

After being widowed at a young age, Jade Hadley is tired of her celibate existence and is determined to add a little romance and sex into her life again. When her deceased husband’s sexy best friend admits a longtime attraction, her entire world is thrown off kilter.

Security expert David McIntyre is in love with Jade and has been from the moment they met. Unfortunately for him, that was the week she married his best friend. For years he’s stayed silent, giving her time to mourn. When he discovers she’s dating again, all bets are off. Then someone targets her to die and he realizes he has more trouble than he bargained for. Seducing her isn’t the problem. Convincing her what they have together isn’t purely physical, however, is. It might even prove to be a bigger challenge than trying to keep her alive.

Publisher’s Note: This story was previously published elsewhere under the title City of Secrets. It has been revised for Ellora’s Cave. 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 3.50