Tempting Mr. Parker

Convinced he’s too old and jaded, Caden has kept his distance from his sister’s friend by using ridicule and contempt. She’s young and fresh and he can’t help but want, and eventually love her. But all that is kept bottled up inside and he focuses on work. Until he can’t stand it anymore and breaks his own rule to reveal his feelings and hope she can return them and forgive him his behavior.

Shakara has loved Caden for a long time. Why does he hate her so? She’s from the wrong side of the tracks, sure. She’s raised herself since she was sixteen and made some tough choices to keep a roof over her head and food in her belly. But she’s never been ashamed except when Caden looks at her the way he does. Then she feels small and unworthy of love. Until he reveals his true feelings. Then the obstacle is society and how it will handle not only their age difference, but also the difference of their races.

Lots of tension and angst were prevalent throughout the story. Caden’s disbelief in Shakara’s virginal state was understandable considering her age, but also a tad bit insulting. Caden’s sister was unbelievably spoiled and I honestly had a hard time picturing her and Shakara actually being friends. Caden’s self-defense mechanism of belittling Shakara was hurtful and hard to read, and honestly offensive. Even though I understood the motivation it was still hard to reconcile when he revealed his feelings and anticipated forgiveness and love in return. He had to work for those, in my opinion. All in all, a good read which dabbles in racism and ageism and how it can affect a relationship between two people.

Book Blurb for Tempting Mr. Parker

Thirty-nine year old CEO and architect Caden Parker is in love with Shakara James. For years he’s kept his attraction to the alluring stripper a secret, masking his guilty desire with disdain and contempt. When his hunger for the twenty-one year old becomes too hot to handle, he reveals his feelings, even though he’s afraid she’ll be disgusted and reject him.

Shakara yearns for the day when Caden, her best friend’s brother, will look beyond her poverty and the choices she was forced to make as a teenage runaway. As Cade’s feelings come to light, Shakara is stunned and overjoyed, but will there be consequences for their love? 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 3.50