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With her emotions buried, Aldora sets out on a mission for her queen. She must win the favor of the King of Shadowhall to form an alliance between the two kingdoms. But in order for her to reach Shadowhall, she must cross the Kellian jungle, with it’s fierce wildlife and warriors. 
Prince Marak, heir to the thrown of Shadowhall, spends his days in the Kellian jungle trying to save those who travel there from it’s perils. When he finds a brave beautiful woman fighting for her life, he is stunned to hear she is on her way to his kingdom to win his father’s favor. In their journey to safety, Marak becomes to think of Aldora as his, and vows that no other, not even his father, will have her. 
Desiring a man but sworn to pursue another, Aldora is torn. She must do her duty, but when she finds herself captured and being prepared to wed the Kellian King, she knows that her heart belongs to Marak. What decision will she make if she ever finds herself free?
Hot and tense, the relationship between Marak and Aldora made for a quick read. Both with secrets, their desire for one another makes all other considerations moot. Aldora does what she feels she must, but bleeds in her heart for Marak. With a happy ending that was kind of cruel to Aldora, I found myself totally enamored with the fairytale of true love finding a way. 

Book Blurb for Tempted

An indomitable, devoted handmaiden who feels no emotions finds her body awakened to desire and pleasure in the arms of a man she can never have.

Aldora is on a mission for her queen. She must win the favour of the king of Shadowhall so that an alliance can be formed between the two kingdoms. Yet, in order for her to reach Shadowhall, she must navigate the dangerous Kellian jungle.

Prince and heir to Shadowhall's throne, Marak spends his days deep in the Kellian jungle trying to save unsuspecting travellers from the perilous jungle. It's on just such a day that he finds a beautiful woman in need of rescue from a group of Kellian warriors. Marak is stunned to learn that Aldora is on her way to his kingdom to win his father's favour. There's no way Marak is going to allow anyone to have Aldora, not after he's tasted her pleasure for himself.

Aldora finds herself in an awkward position of desiring Marak. She doesn't experience emotion, so is unsettled and leery of him. But when she's recaptured and being prepared to wed the Kellian king, she knows that the passion she has experienced with Marak is a once in a lifetime emotion.

This book is linked to 'Bound' although it can be read as a stand alone story.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 3.50