The Ujal, #2

Who wouldn't want a prince as a prospective mate? Well, Rina. Too bad she didn't consider her mother going behind her back and signing her up at the Population Ministry. Mom thinks she's hit the jackpot, Rina is just in shock. Can you blame her?

Tave is in the same boat as Rina and feels it's sinking fast. Not actively looking for a mate pushed his mother to go looking for him and his best match is a human. And she's not thrilled. He's instantly enamored and the chase is on.

This is a cute concept after all the alien romances that involve the male's race being intent on invading or enslaving. The Ujal just want to get along and share in the part of our planet we don't even use - the oceans. A very symbiotic relationship if you ask me. The author touches on race haters and discrimination, which kind of mirrors what our society is going through right now.

The chemistry between Tave and Rina was good but what made the book for me was the epic meeting of the mothers. OMG, they were hilarious. We are also introduced to Rhal and revisit Vados. An original read.

Book Blurb for Tave

Rina Zeret is not prepared to settle down. At least, not with a genetically selected mate. She wants true love and a happily ever after. Unfortunately, her mother has other ideas and submits Rina’s biological material—the woman’s a hairbrush thief!—to the Population Ministry to see if they can find a genetic match for her. Suddenly Rina is presented with Tave fa V’yl, Crown Prince of Ujal, High Warrior of the Ruling Caste and Earth’s greatest ally.

Her mother is going to be so happy.

Tave fa V’yl is the strongest and fiercest warrior on all of Ujal and yet he cannot deny one tiny female—his mother. When he agrees to consider taking a mate this turning, he doesn’t realize she takes things quite a bit further and finds him a woman. On Earth. Now he is presented with a woman who doesn’t want him while he cannot think of anything past his wanting of her.

Rina fights their attraction but doesn’t realize Tave fa V’yl has never lost a battle… and he will not begin with her.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.00