Tamed by the Mistress

Smut-Shorties, #13

Archer is paying the price for taking his brother’s place at the Midwinter Ball. His first meeting with Reena ended up with them in bed and him making them both very happy. But now the method of his madness is making it’s presence known on the full moon. His first turn as a werewolf. This is a dangerous time and he’s out of his ever-loving mind. Nothing gets through his madness until she shows up.

Reena can’t forget Archer (and neither can I) and seeks him out. Yeah she’s the Mistress of the City but this is scary stuff. The soft side no one sees is very evident around Archer, and she’s falling in love even if she doesn’t know it. This was so flippin’ hot I read it twice. The trust combined with the chemistry these two share made it especially tasty to read, not to mention the chains. While I have no doubts Archer is going to be an alpha to be remembered through the ages, I liked that he was vulnerable and responded only to Reena. Soul mates any one?

I like these characters so much and can’t wait to read the next installment. The author has done a phenomenal job conveying a lot of story in a short number of pages, and while I don’t usually like having to wait for more this is so worth it.

Book Blurb for Tamed by the Mistress

The Mistress rules all, but who rules the Mistress?

Mistress of the City, Reena Leroy, picked her partner for the Midwinter Choosing only to have him disappear from her bed before she woke. Now she's at his pack house to find out why... But things aren't what she expects. Archer's not a wolf, or wasn't until a few days ago. Now he's chained in his family's basement as he undergoes conversion. But not everyone survives the madness, and as a natural alpha, Archer's a prime candidate for going feral.

There's just one thing that might bring him back from the brink... Will Reena put her life on the line to save a wolf from madness?

Archer knows something's wrong with him, but since he can't remember his own name, he's got no idea what it is. All he knows is the fury that inhabits his skin. A fury that is only eased by the little female whose voice and scent soothes the beast inside him.

Now if he can just convince her to come closer, maybe he can make her his, and tame the fury in his blood.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.50