Talson's Test

Book two in the Talson Temptations series.

Z likes his life just as it is thank you. With his youngest brother getting married you would think the pressure would be off, but the universe has other plans. Being Otra he has the gift of seeing the future and he keeps seeing a woman setting the world on fire as well as him. Is it the beginning of the Testing? His brother is sharing the dreams, and as his eda, or second, in the Testing this is more evidence she's his future mate. He's too young for this!

Adri is an Otra but doesn't have the characteristic looks of one. She's blonde and this allows her to move about Earth without any racial tension. She's trying to escape her father and brothers from engineering her life and is thoroughly enjoying true freedom for the first time. She doesn't want a mate and young but it's something she really doesn't have control over when she starts dreaming of a gorgeous man and his eda. She's not ready for her Selection. She's not ready for this!

Full of sex and destiny I couldn't put this second story in the Talson Series down. While Z and Adri are running from their destiny they manage to run right into each other's arms. Then the process begins and they have no choice but to accept. While they both gave it the good fight Mother Nature is rarely wrong. As Z's brother Val got immense amusement out of the process, as well as some sex, he's next on the hit list for sure.

This destined mates story lacked the "no control" aspect in that they were cognizant and actively fought, but both came to accept and embrace. I liked that. The build up about dire circumstances Z and Adri would face fell a little flat as it happened and was over very quickly. I would have liked more depth to that part of the tale. The guilty pleasure of an Alpha male and his little woman was satisfied when Z faced off Adri's family, and while annoying to her provided entertainment for me. This goes on my keeper shelf to pull out and enjoy again.

Book Blurb for Talson's Test

Zaret Talson ‘Or Fal—Z—knows what he wants, and it isn’t a mate. But when he’s besieged by dreams of a sexy woman scorching the skies when she’s not entwined with him and his brother, he fears the dreams are a sign of his future.

His brother looks forward to the threesome—all the fun without the commitment. Z wants to run the other way, because he’ll be tied to her if she proves to be his. He’s foreseen it.

Adri ‘San Fal may look human, but like Z, she’s Otra, an alien species not altogether welcome on Earth. Part of a particular clan of Otra who can handle fire, she’s blonde, unlike the majority of her kind. Hiding in plain sight is easy—until her past finds her. Desperate to escape, she runs into the one man destined to be her doom, or her salvation.

Publisher Note: This title was previously published elsewhere, but has been extensively revised for Ellora’s Cave. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.50