Taller, Meaner, Darker

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Taller, Meaner, Darker

TMD Book 2

Once again we enjoy the trials and tribulations of Jackson and Gavin. Gavin’s wife Chrissie died and came back in the body of Jackson. The first book was about Gavin discovering, accepting, and learning to love her in the form of a tall, mean and dark man. When we left them, they were enjoying the new paradigms of their relationship. Now Jackson/Chrissie is really getting into her new body and is anxious to discover more about her new sexuality.

Gavin is hurt but intrigued with Jackson’s new interest. Jackson wants to try a menage with Luke, a young man who has found himself in a new body as well. The powers that be told him to find Jackson and Gavin to guide him, and as he works his way into their life and care, he also enflames them both. In addition, Jackson is having flashbacks of a life not lived by Chrissie. Gavin’s anxiety and fear add to his stress. As Jackson and Gavin explore things with Luke, they strive to help him find his own way, without being in bed with them.

Amusing as well as hot, this glimpse into the aftermath of the first story was entertaining. While Jackson doesn’t "swish" he does display some feminine traits that never fail to amuse. But his possessive side also makes itself known, and that’s steamy. Poor Gavin struggles with his own attraction to Luke, while trying to hang on to what he and Jackson have found together. With side stories about friends intermingling in their lives, this was a good read.

Book Blurb for Taller, Meaner, Darker

Genre: Gay Paranormal Romance (m/m), Ménage a Trois (m/m/m, m/m/m/m) 
Pages: 150
Flame Rating: 4 Flames 
Gavin's wife is back from the dead, loving life inside the hot body of Jackson...except Jackson wants to have fun...with lots and lots of guys.
In this sequel to the best-selling book Tall, Mean and Darkly, Gavin Jago and his wife have never had better sex since Chrissie died and came back as a guy. The tall, dark and handsome Jackson Avery. But dead guys...and girls, just wanna have fun. As Gavin adjusts to life as a very public gay man, Jackson is keen to experiment with his new, prodigious manly assets. This is a side of Chrissie's personality he's never seen before. Gavin realizes that Jackson, the real Jackson's personality is emerging and the once depressed, suicidal man has found new life and love.
But Gavin doesn't like this part of Jackson's persona. He wants the woman--er--man--er giraffe, he loves. Can they work things out or is Jackson likely to be the next one who finds himself under a bus?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.00