Tall, Mean & Darkly

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Tall, Mean & Darkly

Promising to return to him no matter what, Crissy died in her husbands arms.  He’s had a hard time since her death.  He’s even considered ending it all.  But then she keeps her promise with one big problem.  She comes back as a man.  Crissy still loves Gavin and wants to express it physically.  And how was your day?

When Gavin is confronted with the new embodiment of his beloved wife Crissy he doesn’t quite know how to process it.  What, there weren’t any cute women’s bodies available?  While soul searching and trying to find out if his love is for the essence of Crissy or the package, he finds out things about himself as well as his wife.  While everything was good, it could have been better.  He made sacrifices and compromises that in retrospect he didn’t really like.  Now he has a second chance.  Should the packaging matter all that much?  How will the neighbors react to him being with a man?  How will he? 

The blurb on this story drew me right in.  Is it possible for love to follow your partner if their gender changes?  While not all soul searching and angst, there was some devilish humor and visual imagery that had me rolling.  Imagine a 6 foot man waxing poetic about scrapbooking.  The sexual tension between Gavin and Jackson was a mix of apprehension, interest, intrigue and lust.  Once they broke the barrier of belief on Gavin’s part, I thought it moved along a believable path.  A unique read with a few quirky side storylines that really kept me reading. 

Book Blurb for Tall, Mean & Darkly

Genre: Gay, Paranormal, Romance, m/m
Pages: 147
Flame Rating: 4 Flames
What do you do when your dead wife returns, as promised? Except she's in the body of a big, bossy man who wants you...or else.
Hit by a bus, Gavin Jago's beloved wife makes one last promise before she dies in his arms. Somehow, some way, she will come back to him. He is grief stricken...and believing in ghosts, he hopes she will return.Time passes and he's given up until an unexpected visitor arrives at his door.
Jackson Avery is a big, tall, handsome, but very aggressive guy. He insists he is Chrissie and she--he--wants Gavin back. But Gavin isn't gay and not at all attracted at all to Jackson. It's never, ever gonna happen...or will true love really be able to conquer all?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.00