How did she get here? Blissfully happy with her husband Mikael, Dani is shocked to find her marriage on shaky ground. Careers have gotten in the way of commitment, and both she and Mikael are guilty. But when an invitation from her husband has to be turned down in favor of work, they end their conversation without saying they love each other, and that’s never happened. How to fix this?

Our first glimpse into the marriage of Mikael and Dani was through the short read Erotique. Totally in sync they seemed the perfect couple. Revealing their deepest desires and darkest fantasies brought them closer together which is why where they are in this story is such a shock. Life isn’t stagnant and a good marriage takes work. That is pointed out in glaring detail. But how Dani and Mikael fix the bump in their road is not an avenue most would consider, let alone take.

While Dani experiences doubt as she is taken from her home, as a reader you will not. What would the odds be? But as you read the story you become Dani and experience her fear and arousal as well as her hope that Mikael is behind this. Taken is a rough read if you don’t identify with the scenario Dani fantasizes about, and you should take that into consideration before choosing to read it. I for one enjoyed the story and Mikael’s possessiveness even as he gives his wife what she craves. And as she is given the gift of his understanding she takes that final step that will ensure she gets what she wants and needs from her marriage and her husband, and what he really needs but is too controlled to allow. Honesty really is the best policy.

Book Blurb for Taken

Mikael has fulfilled Dani’s every craving save one. Her darkest, most dangerous desire remains unexplored. Can she find the courage to turn her fantasy into delicious reality?

*This previously published title has been expanded and re-edited*

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.50