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Some girls have all the luck. Mackenzie is on a trip with friends, one who wants to be more, just minding her own business when she runs into the rest of her life. And she's not quite sure how she feels about that.

The rest of her life is gorgeous, intense and a tad bit scary and is named Donovan. When she finds herself taken and seduced, it's more than just the shock. It's what else Donovan has to reveal that shakes Mackenzie's world on its' axis.

This was a quick over the top insta-love. My favorite. Some might be offended by the "forced seduction" but I didn't find it too much. More that her brain had to catch up with the rest of her and he nudged it along. Does she say no? No. Should he have stopped. Yes. If you find that offensive don't read the book. After the initial leap to sex, these two have other problems that involve politics and family members as well as some adaptation on Mackenzie's part. And I mean adaptation.

The first line says it all for me, Mackenzie fell into a mess but it turned out to be a mess of luck with a happily ever after. A good read.

Book Blurb for Taken

He stole me in the night, took my virginity like a beast, and held me captive.

He says that I belong to him, that I am his mate. He's a madman. I should hate him with a passion but all my passion is reserved for his pleasure. I feel myself changing and my resolve is waning with every passing hour as he pulls me further into his world.

I've never felt anything like this before and I don't want it to end. He has enslaved my body and bewitched my mind. It's only a matter of time before my heart is taken.

Be Warned: forced seduction

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.00