Tag Team

Lilly met Peter and Mike six months ago and can’t get them off her mind.  Both are gorgeous specimens and she truly likes them both.  Feeling she must choose, but unable to, she waits for one of them to make a move.  Whichever one does, get the prize.  She can’t have both of them; that just isn’t done.

Peter and Mike have been best friends their whole life.  They’ve always been able to communicate on another level, and since joining the Gemini Project in the special forces, that ability has been enhanced to the point they work as one.  It just follows that they would both want the same woman, as well.  When Lilly enters their life, they are sure she is the one.  Now they are back after a three month assignment, and determined to stake their claim on the one woman that will complete them; Lilly.

To find one perfect man is fantasy enough.  To find two is a miracle an average woman can’t wrap her brain around.  While shocked, Lilly is also intrigued.  It doesn’t take much convincing to get her to accept what Peter and Mike crave. 

A quick and satisfyingly steamy read.

Book Blurb for Tag Team

Contemporary/ Ménage à Trois/ Paranormal      
Short Story
They share their thoughts. Can they share their lives with one special woman?
Peter and Mike are childhood friends who are part of the Gemini Project. It's a top secret program that takes special forces soldiers and enhances their telepathic abilities. They can communicate silently with each other and operate as an unstoppable team in the field.
Lilly is a part time aerobics instructor in the gym Peter and Mike frequent. Both men caught her eye when they first started coming in. Then again, all the women at the gym had been similarly affected by the two sexy soldiers in their midst.
Peter and Mike have been gone for six months on a mission, but they're back now and ready to claim the woman they both want. The question is, will Lilly be willing to let them both into her life?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 3.25