Tactical Pleasure

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Tactical Pleasure

Men of S.W.A.T., #1

Who doesn’t like a man in uniform? Randa has her pick of the town’s hot collection of police officers but she’s saying no. Co-owner of the officers’ favorite diner, she’s not dating any one where she works. When it doesn’t work out, that would be awkward. Besides, the one cop she does want is a player and she’s definitely not going there. What would a sex god like John want with an average woman who wears a pink polyester uniform?

John was a player once upon a time, but now he’s focused on snagging Randa. He’s done with the game and wants his forever woman and he’s decided its Randa. Lucky girl. The chase is on and Randa doesn’t stand a chance.

Small town living is front and center here and I loved that aspect. Everyone knows everyone else’s business and while that’s comforting sometimes, it is also annoying. There were several sections of the book devoted to that phenomenon and they had me rolling with laughter. The author did a good job combining scorching dialogue and sex scenes with fun and frivolity. There was some suspense and drama but nothing over the top. Loved the ending where John shows Randa that he’s all hers.

Book Blurb for Tactical Pleasure

Sometimes a man just has to take matters into his own hands…

Miranda White has had a crush on S.W.A.T. team sniper John Stephens since he first strode into Fitzy’s Diner. Too bad he’s a serial dater. As a respected business owner, she doesn’t need to become known around town as his next Flavor Of The Month.

What she does need is a date for an upcoming retirement dinner for one of Haven’s finest. If she has anything to say about it, it won’t be the notorious bad boy.

John definitely has something to say about Randa’s plan to date one of his teammates. He’s had the hots for her since he first sank his teeth into her sweet baked confections. She’s sexy and curvy in all the right places, and he fantasizes about tearing that polyester uniform from her lush body and showing her how versatile handcuffs can be.

He’d planned to take his time seducing her, but from their first touch, desire flares hot, hard and primal, temporarily making him forget that the one thing a police officer may not have is time…

Warning: Contains a smoking-hot cop with a talent for keeping his eye on the target, and a sweet-baking heroine who might as well have that target painted on her curvaceous butt. Misuse of police-department-issued equipment, and one very slippery wading pool.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.00