Brides of the Kindred, #17

How could there NOT be some laugh out loud moments in this book? An interesting spin for the series and as always the author’s creativity and world building blow me away.

Frankie is a strong woman who takes care of herself, and doesn’t let past experiences or traumas color her every encounter and interaction. I liked that she refused to let fear dictate her life and stop her from experiencing new things.

Kerov is your traditional big and brawny Kindred but he has the ability to switch, which makes for some absolutely hilarious moments. The Brazilian wax scene will go down in history, I’m sure. The verbal banter between Frankie and Kerov is enjoyable and enables them to get to know one another without actually meeting. And when they do meet, look out.

My favorite creepy bad guy is busy pulling strings in the background on his never-ending complicated revenge against the Kindred. All in all, a welcome addition to this spectacular series; keep them coming.

Book Blurb for Switched

A warrior with a talent that could get him killed

A girl transported to a new existence with no warning

When the two of them trade lives, it places them in mortal peril.

Not to mention really screwing up their love lives!

Will they ever be able to get back in their rightful bodies?

Or have they been forever...Switched?

What happens when you wake up in someone else's body?

And what if that someone happens to be a huge, hot, Alien warrior?

Frankie is about to find out...the hard way.

Kerov knows his people used to have the ability to Switch bodies with their bonded mates, but he has no idea who the girl in his head is. And the fact that she's controlling his body goes beyond awkward...it could be lethal if anyone finds out. On his home planet of Tarsia, Switching is a crime punishable by death.

But there are worse things than dying as he finds out when he gets stuck in Frankie's body as well. What is a Brazilian bikini wax anyway? And why does he have to remove his pants to get one?

Will Frankie and Kerov ever get back to their own bodies? And what do the steamy dreams they've been sharing have to do with their destinies? You'll have to read Switched, Brides of the Kindred 17, to find out.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.50