Sweeter Than Honey

The Revenant Chronicles, #1

He’s the one man that can crack her façade. And boy does he. This starts off running and doesn’t slow down. We have a conflict between these two right off the bat, a past is established and these two are meeting to hash out what turned into a major mess. He’s all man and he’s pissed and she’s the cool, collected master of self-control. But when they meet the explosion is rocking.

I would love to meet a man like Jensen but would probably pass out. The testosterone just rolled off him in waves and down I went. Is it any wonder Tessa suffers the same fate? I loved he was denim and leather and she was buttoned up in a crisp suit. The differences between these two couldn’t have been more obvious and that made their fiery collision that much better.

The story flowed well and I could see the whole thing played out in my head. The building anticipation, the rage that fueled Jensen and the desire that drove Tessa. Highly recommended.

Book Blurb for Sweeter Than Honey

The Revenants. One of the best mercenary teams in the business and an asset Tessa Honeywell can't afford to lose. The fact that their leader, Jensen Haye, is possibly the hottest guy this side of the Keltairan expanse is something Tessa tries very hard not to let affect her plans. Very hard. Well, not that hard. But in her defense, the guy is sex on legs. Just one...err, two problems. He's not human and he's pissed at her after her Intel sent a mission bad...So why do his growls turn her on like nothing else?

Jensen Haye thinks Tessa is the hottest thing alive. A femme fatale. She's mysterious, alluring and ...human, so she's way too delicate for a brute like him, and that's before factoring in the beastly side of his nature. But anger loosens the bonds he holds on his inhuman side and when she offers...he takes.

Two operatives, one abandoned warehouse in the back end of beyond... an afternoon neither will ever forget.

*Please be aware that this is an Erotica Short*

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.00