Swap Meet

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Swap Meet

Max Dantes has been missing something vital his entire life. He has all the money he could ever want, women who throw themselves at him. But is it a woman he really needs? When Max finds himself at a sex partner swap meet as an escort for a friend, he is totally blindsided by his reaction to one man. And apparently the attraction is reciprocated, because before he knows it Max is in a room with Chris Collins, and he’s finally discovering what he has been missing. Chris.

Chris keeps his sexual orientation a secret. His job could depend on it. So on occasion he goes to a swap meet to find a partner for a night. It can’t be more. When he meets Max, the chemistry is explosive, and he finds himself wanting more than one night. And so does Max. But his fear makes him leery, and Chris holds back. But it may be the biggest mistake of his life.

I can’t imagine the fear and insecurity that Chris felt over his personal life infringing on his employment. That’s not right. But while it wasn’t a law he was afraid of, but peoples opinions, the fear was the same. That was a hurdle he had to jump himself, and Max was the catalyst. Living a lie is no way to live, and Chris soon discovers that when someone really matters to him. The chemistry was phenomenal between Chris and Max, but so was the emotional connection. I felt invested in their relationship, and read this book in a hurry. While I got frustrated with Chris’s manly self-flagellation, he eventually saw the light. And Max was a revelation in his ease and acceptance of what he needed to make himself happy, and to hell with what anyone else thought.

Book Blurb for Swap Meet

Length: Short Novel

French billionaire Max Dantes never expected to spend his Saturday night at a sex-partner swap meet in one of Houston’s swankiest hotels. When smoking-hot firefighter Chris Collins hits on Max, his night takes an even more unexpected turn. Soon he’s pinned to a mattress beneath the sexiest specimen of raw masculinity he’s ever seen…and questioning everything he’s ever believed about himself.

Chris went to the swap meet looking for a fling but finds so much more. Soon Max is treating him to the kind of luxuries only a billionaire can offer. But when Max wants something more than an illicit tryst, Chris bolts. He’s just not ready for that kind of commitment or the potential consequences—and prejudices—of going public.

Or is he? But by the time Chris realizes his mistake, it just might be too late.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 4.00