Brides of the Kindred, #20

Yonnie Six is not a good place for a man to be, and Thorn knows this going in. It's his mission. He's prepared for torture but not Neh'sa. She dismantles him with consideration and gentleness while plugging into his deeply hidden need for submission. And all this in a week.

What a delightful read this was. The author really outdid herself with the emotional "peeling" of Thorn. We had the ongoing Hive back story and I totally appreciated the less gory graphic content of this book compared to the last. The hero and heroine were the focus rather than the threat of the insects from hell. The author really gave a birds eye view of how difficult it is to identify what it is you really want instead of what you believe you need. I had a little difficulty reconciling Neh'sa as a dominant and thought of her as a dominant "lite." The adversary on Yonnie Six, Malisha, was actually a favorite character of mine. Who knew?

Lots of action and emotional bloodletting as well as some twists and turns. A little peek at how our former brides and their families are doing, and some foreshadowing for future books. Another winner.

Book Blurb for Surrendered

Commander Thornex is a Hybrid--half Kindred and half Pyro--a much feared people who have the ability to unleash horrific maelstroms of flame whenever they are angered. All his life Thorn has struggled to control the destructive power within him. A horrible accident in his past made him swear to never unleash the fire again and for many years, he has kept himself under tight control. During his many undercover missions as a spy for the Kindred, his iron will has never wavered.

That is until he allows himself to be sold as a slave on Yonnie Six…

Mistress Neh'sanna is the most renowned trainer of male body-slaves in all of Yonnie Six. The denizens of the female-ruled society revere her effortless control and the way she is able to make any male bend to her will. But though Neh'sa takes pride in her work, she is lonely. She trains male slaves for the use of other mistresses but has never found one of her own that she could truly let down her guard around. Then she buys Thorn and begins to have feelings for him no Mistress ought to have for her slave…

The emotion between them grows intense but when circumstances spin out of control and Thorn is forced to reverse their positions and take the role of Dom, will Neh'sa ever forgive him? You'll have to read Surrendered to find out...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.50