Summers' Girl

Poor Hannah!  She shows up at her childhood retreat and it’s a mess!  And there is a hot half-naked guy running around!  Wish I had problems like that.  Kidding aside, Jake was a keeper from the word hello.  Jake is alpha, but without the oppressive possessiveness that would have sent Hannah running in the opposite direction.  When he makes a play for her, it’s kind of tricky but she plays right into it.  Hannah’s shyness and reserve was understandable given her past, but when she let go and gave into her desire for Jake, it was hot and steamy.

Jake has tunnel-vision when it comes to protecting Hannah from her ex and as expected, it causes some tension between the two new lovers.  But love is never easy, and Jake is in love with Hannah, even though they haven’t know one another that long.  And he protects what is his. 

My only disappointment with the book was I thought Hannah’s ex’s creepiness deserved a more violent resolution, but that’s just me.

Book Blurb for Summers' Girl

Seasonal/ Contemporary
Short Story

The summer heat isn't the only thing causing Hannah Wagner's temperature to soar - half-naked carpenter Jake Summers is doing more than his part.

Hannah Wagner needs a place to relax and escape everyday life - and the summer home of her childhood fits the bill. She's shocked and a little uneasy by the instant sexual attraction she finds with the carpenter who is renovating the house. Hannah fights her attraction to Jake Summers, but when she finds him skinny dipping in the lake behind her house, it only adds fuel to the fire inside her.

But Hannah is not only looking for a break from her life, she is running from a troubled past and a dangerous ex-husband. When Hannah's ex shows up and threatens her, Jake calls in his old Special Forces team to help. He is determined to bring the man down...and cement the fact that Hannah is Jake Summers' girl.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 3.75