Summer Lovin'

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Summer Lovin'

A young Army widow with two small children, years passed without her noticing. But now Rissa has just sent her youngest off to college and is ready to live. She sold the house, bought a convertible and is on the way to the beach to snag her a younger man. Taking the advice of her Tempt the Cougar blog friends, Rissa is determined to have a very hot summer. A new cougar is about to be born.

When her new car bursts into flames at the beach, hot and suitably young JD Harmon puts out the car fire, but starts one inside Rissa. Exchanging numbers, she doubts he’ll call. But he does. Determined to keep things in perspective, Rissa refuses to listen to any details about JD and his life. She figures keeping him a sex object will keep her from being hurt in the long run. Taking any bets on how that will work out?

Men do it all the time, but it seems kind of cold when a woman does it. But the trick is keeping it impersonal, and sex is almost always personal to a woman. Falling in love isn’t part of the plan for Rissa, but she does it anyway. JD is a saint for putting up with her behavior. His refusal to be treated the way she thought she should treat him showed him to be an honorable man. While high on the hot scale, the romance was kind of missing a bit due to Rissa’s reluctance. But love blooms anyway. An entertaining read, but I could have done without Rissa’s hysterical daughter. I mean, really?

Book Blurb for Summer Lovin'

With the big four-oh looming, Larissa Cross is more than ready to shed the roles that have defined her and make drastic changes. Gone are the widowed Army wife, soccer mom and empty nester. She’s even setting aside the school teacher until fall.

A naughty challenge has come at the perfect time and ignited Rissa’s competitive drive. It’s going to be a glorious summer full of hot younger man lovin’ for a new cougar on the prowl. Rawr!

Tattooed and pierced fireman JD Harmon is tempting prey but there’s much more to the hunk than his bad boy good looks. A one night stand isn’t in his plans and sex—no matter how mind-blowing—won’t distract him from his goals. JD intends to tame the wicked cougar and stake a claim on her heart.

*This previously published title has been revised and reedited*

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.00