Submitting to the Officer

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Submitting to the Officer

OMG this book is worth reading for the treatment the “texting teen” gets from Kris after she rear ends the heroine. It’s a fantasy come true for me :) Officer Mark Walker isn’t so bad himself, either. Taking a chance and giving Kris his number pays off big for them both. What Kris’s former lover saw as a flaw Mark sees as a turn on and that makes them perfect for each other. No one should have to change his or her fundamental personality to attract and keep a partner.

I identified with the heroine Kris due to her temper with idiotic drivers and her attraction to a man in uniform. While both Kris and Mark are somewhat hesitant to reveal their deepest desires, when they are up front with one another right from the start if makes for an explosive night in bed, and the kitchen, and the shower. I took this quick read as a lesson in honesty and to ask for what you want, and most importantly don’t be afraid to be yourself. And while the reader doesn't get a definitive happily ever after, I am confident that Kris and Mark are a match made to last.

Book Blurb for Submitting to the Officer

Kris Elliot is having a bad day, which only gets worse when some fucking bitch rear-ends her car at a red light. She nearly lets her mouth and temper take control, but is kept in check by the hottest police officer she’s ever seen. She’d love to let him manhandle her, but figures he’d run from her foul language and red-hot temper.

Officer Mark Walker loves Kris’ dirty mouth. He can’t wait to show her how to put it to good use, and isn’t afraid to use a little spanking to get what he wants. And Kris is more than happy to oblige.

An Exotika ® erotica story from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.00