Strong Arms of the Law

Skye started out as a nurse but turned to writing when she found herself more interested in the stories behind the injuries. Now writing crime fiction she finds herself on the receiving end of police protection when she gets too close to the real deal during her research. The Texas Ranger assigned to protect her is a tall drink of water named Rex Martinez, and it's taking all she has to keep from gulping him down. But then when she really considers her life expectancy, why wait?

Rex is committed to his job as a Texas Ranger but much more time spent around Skye Chamberlain and he'll have to be committed literally. The woman drives him absolutely nuts. They are attracted to one another but his code of honor prohibits him from making a move. She's made it clear she'd rebuff him anyway so he's safe. But how is he supposed to handle it when she drops the charade and welcomes him into her arms and bed? The battle is brief but fierce, but he was doomed from the start. But when rules are broken mistakes are made. Will Skye pay the ultimate price?

I so wanted to read this book and was thrilled when it finally came in. I love an alpha lawman and a woman capable of handling him. Perhaps even bringing him to his knees. That happened but somehow it didn't hit the right note with me. I don't know if it's because the story started right when the tension reached it breaking point and I was left out of the build up or what. Regardless it was a good read but didn't captivate me as I'd hoped. The ending was a little more creative than expected and for that I am thankful the author took the time to be original. While I have no doubt Rex and Skye had feelings I had a hard time believing it was love, and that goes back to my short exposure to them as a couple. Very hot and steamy with much attention paid to detail during the sex scenes. Worth the read.

Book Blurb for Strong Arms of the Law

Rex Martinez is one tough Texas Ranger who’s always gotten his man. No woman has ever resisted him either. But the saucy little number currently under his protection makes him nuts. Makes him hard. And makes him eager to put her in her place…which is, of course, in his arms. And his bed.

Crime writer Skye Chamberlain chafes under Rex’s rigid rules. He’s too macho, too yummy to stay cooped up with while she’s trying to remain celibate.

When Skye calls his bluff and demands they embrace their relationship now instead of later, Rex can’t resist. But his need to keep her hot and happy makes him drop his guard—which is exactly when trouble comes calling. 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.75