Remember your first lust? No, not love, lust! Imagine that desire never going away. And then walking into a room and there he is. Yum! This was a great escape. For a short story to really grab me, it is imperative there be a pre-established history between the characters. I thought the age factor mixed with the BDSM made Hannah and Miller's coming together later that much more interesting.

The fact that Hannah would do anything, and I mean anything, for her mother painted her in a great light. And Miller's actions showed him to be an understanding and generous man. Since their attraction was based on chemistry, I really thought the ending appropriate. What would you do if your first lust were suddenly in front of you?

Book Blurb for Stripped

Needing money to pay off her mounting bills, Hannah agrees to strip at a bachelor party. A one-time event, and only because she knows there's no touching allowed. To her shock, Miller Bradley is there — a man she lusted after years ago. Back then, the time hadn't been right but now she is ready and eager to explore the dark fantasies she's always wanted to experience with him.

When Miller sees Hannah walk through the hotel room door, his body goes on sexual alert. He expected to see her on this trip…and never as a stripper. He can't help but wonder why she has chosen such a path for her life. Regardless, after years of fantasizing about having this woman at his sexual mercy, he finally sees the opportunity to make those dreams of bondage and submission come true. If she's willing.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00