Stealing Coal

Cyborg Seduction Book 5

Jill learned fast how to protect herself in space. A woman alone is a victim, so she's used her brains and her inheritance from her lawless father to make her way as a trader to the less savory elements of the human race. With her father's reputation to protect her, and clever use of electronics and her faithful salvaged robots, she's done all right. But when she sees the helpless Cyborg chained to a table, his fate outlined by his captor, she does something so shocking even she can't believe it. She steals him.

Coal is an oddity among his own kind. Disabled implants make him different in that he can't control other computers around him. That doesn't make him less even though he's suffered and now has special consideration due to the abuse heaped on him by his own kind. Used as a breeder when he crashed with the females of his race, he's now free only to be captured again and facing a life of abuse, this time by being forced to fight to the death. When Jill saves him, he's wary but thankful. Her history indicates she is broken sexually. Now that is something he can, and will, fix. His honor demands it.

Every story in this series just breaks my heart. Abused, chased, controlled. Yet they still manage to connect with one woman who makes them happy. Coal is no exception and is the most emotional of all the other cyborgs in this series. Which is a surprise considering his past treatment. With the usual fast paced story we also enjoy sexual encounters, jealousy and heart wrenching angst. Imagine feeling these things for the first time ever. If you've read the previous books we get glimpses of former cyborgs, and a teaser for the next. And I can't wait for the next story.

Book Blurb for Stealing Coal

Jill has learned the hard way that men can’t be trusted and sex only causes pain. In the lawlessness of space, women are a sexual commodity—to be used and abused. She’s doing a man’s job, with only her father’s brutal reputation and three androids to help keep her alive when she sees a massive, handsome cyborg chained to a freight table. The abusive crew plans to sell him to fight in gruesome death matches. It’s stupid, it’s insane, but Jill can’t leave him to such a horrible fate.

Coal has survived being a captive breeding slave and irreversible damage to his cyborg implants, but his honor is still intact. He’s grateful Jill saved him and he’ll repay her the only way he can. He’ll fix her—with his mouth, his hands and his body. He can teach the little human just how much pleasure she’s capable of feeling.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.50