Stark Surrender; the Space Magnate's Bride

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Stark Surrender; the Space Magnate's Bride

The LodeStar Series Book 4

He is so worth it all. Logan Stark is many things including being an ass, but when he disappears it’s amazing the people in his life who care. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this entire series and was so happy this book finally came out. Set in the future where interplanetary travel is the norm it is full of different story arcs and characters that are engrossing as well as entertaining.

Who doesn’t love a romance fraught with emotional devastation and a lavish lifestyle? But this particular edition takes place where Logan’s life story began; in the gutters. His true love Kiri has had enough and cut him loose, with good reasons. But when he comes up missing she does the right thing (albeit reluctantly at times) and joins his family and friends in their frantic search. It’s not just Logan they are worried about though, it’s his empire as well. His is an organization that really can’t be allowed to fail – entire planets rely on him for their economies.

Throughout all the books Logan has been totally in control but in this one his primal side takes precedence and I liked it. And so does Kiri. Totally a page-turner, this tied up a lot of loose ends and questions for me and had a wonderful epilogue, which is always appreciated. It also dangled a possible book for the future, which I highly anticipate.

Book Blurb for Stark Surrender; the Space Magnate's Bride

He climbed from the slums of New Seattle to a life of power and wealth ... but now he must survive those cruel streets again, without even his memories to guide him.

Logan Stark has fallen from his throne at the pinnacle of a financial empire spanning the galaxy. He's lost in the filthy, crime-ridden streets of New Seattle, Earth II. Even worse, he has no memory of who he is, or how he got here. But the worst villain in the history of this city knows exactly who he is ... and Mordacity is after Stark.

Kiri te Nawa swore she'd never return to the place where she lost everything. But to help find the man she can't forget, she must put aside her new life on Frontiera and accompany his brothers back to New Seattle. Will they find Stark before he is claimed by the surging darkness in his mind, or by death?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.50