Stark Pleasure

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Stark Pleasure

The LodeStar Series Book 1

This was a remarkable start to a series. It apparently ties into a previous series by the same author but I didn't read that - and didn't miss it other than a few characters that showed up who obviously had a past with Logan. We are on Earth II, New Seattle and it is a toilet. Acid rain, gang wars, you name it. Kiri catches Logan's eye and the rest is history. Logan is wealthy and powerful but didn't start that way - he clawed and fought his way to the top and in the process shed some vital skills in dealing with other people that are glaringly missing later in the story. In the beginning Kiri is just an oddity and an acquisition but quickly becomes more to him. Much more. Maybe more than he can handle. She doesn't react as expected, has empathy and compassion for others, and quickly endears herself to his staff. Kiri lost her family as a young girl and has been on her own since. She's strong and self-reliant and I really liked her. Logan seduced me to begin with but he lost his luster as the story progressed and his faults are peeled back. The big question is does he care enough for Kiri to change enough to love?

This was a top pick for me until the end, and Logan royally ticked me off. I understand where the author was coming from with his behavior but I just can't let it go. We are introduced to a myriad of characters that promise to show up in the following books, and while this story didn't end as I anticipated and hoped for, there are chances for redemption as the story progresses. I read this book quickly and anticipate the next in the series.

Book Blurb for Stark Pleasure

Kiri te Nawa will do anything to escape the perilous streets of New Seattle, Earth II, and find the treasure for which she searches the galaxy, even becoming the mistress of space magnate Logan Stark.

But just when she is ready to submit more than her body to this powerful, magnetic man, she's kidnapped by space pirates. Now she must choose between her heart's desire and her survival.

The LodeStar Series takes off for the wild new planet of Frontiera, in the futuristic galaxy of The Orion Series. ?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.00