Star Prince

Is there anything better than a girl with a purpose? Tasmin Robins will let nothing get in the way of her internship on the fascinating planet of Aurora. That is until the lasers start firing and she finds herself saving the man standing next to her. “No good deed goes unpunished.” An old Earth saying which grows some teeth on Aurora.

DeMarcus Le’JeMur is incognito, getting ready to play hooky for a day. What he gets is shot at and owing a life debt to the woman who saved him. That means marriage if the old laws are enforced. And wouldn’t you know it, his mother is behind a big push to have them enforced. But once he gets to know the spunky human he finds he doesn’t mind. In fact, it becomes what he wants more than anything. For a man who can have any woman he wants Tasmin presents a challenge. Can he win her?

This was a cute read about your average woman becoming a princess and not really being thrilled about it. Oh she liked the hot hunk of a prince, all the sex and such but the public adoration and constant ceremony of the Aurorian culture held little appeal. As DeMarcus sets about to win her the political intrigue continues and the climax of the story involves more lasers and a surprisingly barbaric sword fight. I found the story fanciful and steamy, a delightful combination. And the happily ever after that was expected was delivered with an original twist. A good read.

Book Blurb for Star Prince

Tasmin Robins has worked hard to earn her coveted diplomatic internship on the mysterious imperial world of Aurora. Driven and smart, though occasionally impulsive, Tas has a ten-year plan -- and it doesn't include love.

When Tasmin risks her life to save a stranger, she has no idea her sacrifice will leave her fate entwined with the most powerful man on Aurora -- DeMarcus Le'JeMur, Prince of the Stars and Ruler Of The Seven Kingdoms, ruler of the planets under Aurorian control.

When DeMarcus impulsively declares he owes Tasmin a life debt, she must convince the Imperial Council to grant them both their freedom. But after a night of erotic delights with the sexy alien, will she be able to let him go?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00