Staking Claim

Old married couple, kids, and the blush is off the rose. Gina is feeling neglected and rightly so. Ever since her husbands' promotion he hasn’t touched her sexually. Is he getting it somewhere else? Her insecurities must have been broadcasted loud and clear because her husband shows up unexpectedly and puts all her fears to rest.

This quick (and I mean lightening quick) read had a lot of steam and zeroed in on a lot of women’s fears and fantasies. The transformation of docile domestic male into alpha beast made my heart pitter patter appropriately. I would have liked this to be longer, a lot longer, with more build up and definitely more "after the fact" talk. The length of this review is approximately 1/10th of the length of the actual read. I enjoyed it immensely but buyer beware.

Book Blurb for Staking Claim

Word Count: 1277

Heat: 4

Gina was sure that her husband’s assistant had to be some pretty, young thing with a flat stomach and perky breasts. Whether it was the job or his assistant, he showed no interest in her anymore. They had not had sex since his career advancement six months ago.

When he suddenly appeared behind her, staring at her damp breasts in the steamy bathroom mirror, she recognized the lust in his eyes. “Are you hard for me or someone else?” she snipped.

No words left his lips, only a low masculine grunt. Before she could react, he spun her around, closed and locked the door, and lowered his jeans.

She knew at that moment that she had no choice in what was about to happen. Relentlessly he began Staking Claim to what was his.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 3.50