Fueled by Lust, #8

This book was the dark horse in the series for me in that the story line was a dire one that addressed an often-ignored subject. Sotarios harbors a dark secret and it’s affected the way he views everything in life, even though his tormentor his dead. The book focuses on how he deals with the fallout as he does his duty for his people while looking for more lost progeny.

The first half of the book was kind of hard to get into as it dealt more with logistics and less on romance. It explained a lot, added some characters that were a little too focused upon to be inconsequential (important in a later book perhaps?) and about Sotarios and Geleon finding their potential mate. It was also about the two men incorporating themselves into the lives of the women meant to be theirs. But what if the women don’t want to belong to anyone?

Raine is a woman who takes care of herself and always has. She’s a fighter, literally, but has a sunny outlook on life in general and that is very attractive to Sotarios after the nightmare of his first mate Maratinia. Sotarios is literally haunted by the woman and can’t break free. This spells doom for his potential relationship with Raine.

The book also had the running backstory of the prophecy and little peeks into other mated pairs lives as well as introducing the progeny to their new reality. Once the physical was unleashed between Sotarios and Raine it was game on, and the author met her usual standards. The mystery continues and I await more.

Book Blurb for Sotarios

With an ex from hell haunting his dreams, Sotarios Numida can't catch a break. Thinking a trip to Earth to seek offspring of the Unfortunate One Hundred might clear his head--he thought wrong. Instead, destiny leads him right to the one woman that forces him to face his past and a secret he's horrified to admit. Raine Holter is tough, focused, and dealing with a secret of her own. The last thing she expected to find during her usual daily grind was her soulmate. Especially one that can't seem to make his mind up on whether to grip her close or shove her away. Undaunted, this little spitfire plans to thaw Sotarios's frozen heart even if hers has to take a few beatings before he sees the truth. Book 8 in the Fueled By Lust Series yanks you right back into the lives of the sinfully sexy Insedi. One fast paced, jaw dropping, breath stealing, hell of a ride.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 4.00