Something Wicked This Way Comes, 1

An anthology is always a challenge to review. Some stories stand out like a beacon to the reader while others have little appeal. While the story with a BDSM theme was my least favorite I liked them all. I will write my reviews in the order the stories appealed to me.

The Addiction by Jaid Black was totally hilarious while also being poignant and emotional. A feat not often pulled off in erotic fiction. I will return to this story again and again just for the laughs.

Captain of Nara's Heart by Laurann Dohner was another favorite and this is no surprise since I adore anything this author produces. With her usual sexual flair and yummy alpha male she draws you in and leaves you yearning for your own version of one of her heroes.

Dragon Heat by Mel Tescho was my third favorite story. Sent on a mission to eliminate a paranormal Grace finds herself thrown back into her own horrific past as her target reveals who she really is and what her future could be if she embraces love instead of revenge. A story that moved fast and was well-written and managed to relay a lot of detail without being confusing.

Highland Tryst by Eliza Knight starts with a bang when Kari finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her. Again. Only one thing can make her believe in true love. A man falling from the sky dressed in a kilt. Guess how that worked out? Cute and totally out of the realm of reality with some scorching public displays of affection thrown in.

Tatoo Witch by Kathy Kulig was dark and disturbing with a somber message about morality. That's an awful lot to pack in short read but the author managed. Brings to mind the old saying "You don't know what you've got til it's gone" with a vengeance. Anita and Sam pass a test of basic humanity with flying colors while getting more than they wished for, in spades. Spooky and sexy at the same time.

Dangerous Addiction by Desiree Holt was a BDSM story. What turned me off a little is that finding a submissive was just another thing on Cord's to-do list. What if he'd met Fallon before it fit in his schedule? The story was sexy and erotic, but I couldn't get past that personal roadblock.

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