Something To Talk About

Miranda Lee Jenkins doesn’t like to draw attention herself. All her life she was the object of gossip based on her mother and she doesn’t want to relive that as an adult. But when her boyfriend cheats, and she catches him red-handed, all bets are off. After a spectacular breakup in the parking lot of a bar, she goes home with the local sheriff Jon. Jon is a friend, and the lover of one of her best friends from high school, Wyatt. What she doesn’t know is that the men have a motive where she is concerned. And they are not strictly gay. They both desire a woman, specifically her. How does one keep off the gossip radar in a three-way relationship?

After a blissful night with her boys, Randi Lee chickens out and runs as fast as she can from the small town they live in. The men decide after two years to go after her, and this time seduce her slowly into a relationship. But Randi Lee is as scared as she ever was, and will take a lot of convincing.

Love doesn’t have an expiration date. Feelings are still strong after two years of separation and Randi Lee finds herself in the same predicament she ran from, only it is her co-workers doing the gossiping. While Wyatt and Jon do all they can to convince her, Randi Lee is the only one who can make the leap from fear to fulfillment. This was a good read, with lots of steam, and a true message about finding ones inner peace and strength, and truly liking oneself enough to be happy, regardless of what others think.

Book Blurb for Something To Talk About

Miranda Lee Jenkins has been the subject of local gossip all her life, and has hated every minute of it. The last straw comes when she finds out her low-down-snake of a boyfriend has been cheating on her and everyone in the ever lovin’ town knew it! Including her secret crush… Or, to be more accurate, secret crushes! Wyatt has wanted Randi Lee for as long as he’s known her, and when his lover Jon meets the little spitfire, he wants her, too. The men know that no other woman can complete their family the way Randi can. Now, they just have to convince Randi that a love like theirs is worth giving the folks in town Something to Talk About!

Contains: Ménage, polyamory, hot male/male sex featuring a cowboy AND a cop, anal play and intercourse, naughty nurses and sponge baths

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.50