Soft Focus

Marriage to a younger man turned out to be a huge mistake for Daphne. He left her with a huge debt and a severely damaged ego. When a friend suggests she answer an ad to make some quick cash, she has her doubts. Model for a famous photographer? Don’t they require beautiful people?

Gerard gives instant approval when he first sets eyes on Daphne. She’s beautiful and real. Photographing her is effortless, and he finds himself drawn to her as more than just a subject. His own rule of not dating models is quickly broken, as he can’t bear to let her go without getting to know her. Can he convince her in the short time they have together to take a chance on love? On him?

Rosy glasses aside, this was a feel good read. With hints of fairytale throughout, it satisfied that womanly desire for a ridiculously romantic happily ever after. While there was some angst and soul-searching, not to mention scorching sex, I never had a doubt that Gerard and Daphne would end up together. They just meshed. And Daphne’s leap of faith at the end showed that a woman never really gives up on believing in the fairytale.

Book Blurb for Soft Focus

Daphne Kemp is trying to get her life and finances back in order after her ex-husband left her with a huge debt. When her friend suggests she answer an ad to model for famous photographer Gerard Lynch, the lure of paying off some of that debt is too strong to resist.

One look at Gerard lures Daphne into more than modeling. She breaks her rules about one-night stands and younger men and spends a sex-filled evening with the handsome photographer.

Gerard never gets involved with his models, yet he is immediately drawn to Daphne. He has to find a way to break down the walls she’s erected around her heart to give them a chance at forever.


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 3.50