Social Prey

What we have here is a two'fer; two romances in one. Both men were described as hard-bodied alphas who liked to dominate in the bedroom. Check please! And the author delivered on the promise of some fun and playtime in the bedroom. But while I enjoyed the steamy sex scenes, the mercenary mission and the opulent settings I was left a little behind in the chemistry department.

Scott and Kylie grew up together and are now well established adults in the business they share with Kylie's brother. And I just felt Kylie knew way too much about Scott's sexual past. And vice versa. I found it difficult to fathom these two were so in love but still managed to have relations with others without something slipping either verbally or an actual reaction. The romance between Keith and Paula was actually more believable for me, and felt more realistic. I especially appreciated Paula verbalizing what we were all thinking - is she that girl who is so desperate for love she'll glom onto whatever man shows her affection? I enjoyed the book, and I really liked the underlying message the author conveyed concerning online relationships and how dangerous they can be.

Book Blurb for Social Prey

As computer hacker for her brother’s band of mercenaries, Kiley believes she’s pretty much seen it all. Until her best friend is inadvertently drawn into the dark world of drug trafficking and finds herself in a Turkish prison. Working to help her brother’s team find a way to break her out, puts her way too close to her brother’s best friend and fellow mercenary, Scott Devo—otherwise known as the man of her hot, erotic dreams.

Scott has always had a hard time keeping his hands off Kiley. Working this close together makes it even harder. When Kiley is taken hostage by the Peruvian drug cartel in retaliation for the mercenary’s interference in their operation, Scott is faced with the fact that what he feels for Kiley is so much more than just physical.

Author note: Story contains violence, graphic language, sexual toys, spanking, and bondage.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.50