Snow Job

Christmas Story

Together for years, Elyce and her husband Karl appear to have it all. Staunch supporters of the environment, regardless of Karl’s roots, they live together in harmony. Then Karl, who was groomed to take over the family land development empire but turned his back on it, is now turning towards it. And Elyce, unable to understand or accept the change in her husband, leaves him. He’s violated the trust of their marriage. Not by being unfaithful to their marriage vows, but by being unfaithful to what Elyce believes in. 
It’s been almost a year since they separated. Elyce misses Karl but is beginning to entertain thoughts of moving on romantically with another man. When Karl’s company threatens an environmentally fragile inlet, Elyce goes after him with guns blazing. He proposes a deal that will make everyone happy. But once the ruse to fool his grandparents is in place, things start to get interesting, and erotically intense. 
This book offered a lot more than I expected. The encounters between Karl and Elyce were steamy, and Elyce was not the only one shocked at her formerly civilized husband’s behavior. With hints of BDSM, Karl makes a last ditch effort to get back the woman he loves, and in the process, Elyce has to examine her stand on what makes a marriage, and what constitutes a working relationship. 

Book Blurb for Snow Job

When lawyer Elyce Anderson threatens to sue her estranged husband to stop construction on a environmentally fragile inlet, he proposes a deal. If Elyce attends his family’s annual Christmas vacation—playing the role of dutiful wife—he’ll save the inlet from development.

Once at the vacation cabin, the guise of happy couple takes a turn—particularly in the bedroom. Karl wants Elyce back, and wastes no time demonstrating how much. He’s forceful, demanding…taking her in the bed, in the bathroom, against the wall—even administering a “punishment” that leaves them both breathless with lust.

Elyce is shocked at Karl’s new approach to sex—and even more shocked to find her mind losing the battle with her body as she succumbs again and again. Intense and erotic, the long, hot winter nights leave her struggling to adjust. But despite her husband’s sudden and sexy change, Elyce knows some things remain the same…perhaps even her love for Karl.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.00