Sleeping with the Enemy's Daughter

Book one in the Downing Brothers Series

Stuck with the typical evil stepmother who squandered all of her father’s money and possessions, Camille is now faced with an intolerable situation; approach the Downing brothers, her sworn enemies, and try to get her family ranch back. Prepared to offer money, she is instead propositioned to be their mistress for six months. If she completes this task to their satisfaction, she walks with the title. At the end of her rope, Camille reluctantly agrees.
Thrown into the deep end with four men can take a girl’s breath away. All four are attractive to the extreme, she honestly can’t understand their need for her. She’s average at best. While all four are insatiable, the eldest is the one she is most attracted to and the one who seems to hate her the most. What’s up with that?
This promises to be the first in a series of books about the Downing Brothers. This one focuses on Jacob and his conflicted feelings about Camille, her mother and his father. Seems Camille’s mother had a scorching affair with Jacob’s father, and some tragedy occurred that the Downing’s suspect was caused by Camille’s mother. Since the involved parties are dead, and the next generation was raised to hate the other, the feud continues. Jacob’s focus is on subjugating and humiliating Camille to avenge his father. But he feels things for her he didn’t expect, and that rubs the wrong way. Camille is in a similar pickle, but as a woman is able to deal with her emotional issues a little more maturely. 
Suspend all grasp of reality and you’ll really enjoy this read; I did. 

Book Blurb for Sleeping with the Enemy's Daughter

As an act of revenge against her father, Camille is forced to enter into an agreement with her most hated enemies - spend six months serving the sexual needs of four handsome brothers as their exclusive mistress...Revenge has never been so sweet.

When Camille's stepmother loses her family ranch, she is forced to enter into an agreement with her most hated enemies, the Downing brothers, in order to get it back. She must spend six months serving all of the sexual needs of the four handsome brothers as their exclusive mistress. If she can do this then the ranch is hers once again. With no other options left, Camille reluctantly agrees to the arrangement.

Yet when the end of the six months draws near, Camille comes to realize that she may walk away with something far more important than her family ranch when one Downing brother steals her heart.

Reader Advisory:This book contains dangerously hot ménage scenes and multiple partner sex.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 3.50