Skin Deep

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Skin Deep

It’s been eight years since Nicky left Jackson behind.  They were in love, committed to each other, and were planning a future.  But then Nicky up and left, and Jackson was left behind to wonder why.  The night before Nicky left, he had finished matching tattoos; a symbol of their commitment.  Now Jackson feels the only way to get over Nicky and move on is to alter her ink so they are no longer connected.  And he’s moving into dark parts of his persona to do so.  Even he has to wonder what he is capable of.

Nicky had a good reason for leaving, but regrets the damage she left in her wake.  When Jackson shows up where she’s working it’s obvious their chemistry is as strong as ever.  When she willingly goes with Jackson she finds out it wouldn’t have mattered if she wanted to go or not.  She was now his captive and he had plans that would change her life, and tattoo, forever.

Lots of layers to this read.  More than an excuse to string hot encounters together, I was drawn into the angst both Nicky and Jackson felt about their pasts and how that was affecting the people they are now, and would come to be in the future.  The frank and honest descriptions of a sub/dom relationship were appreciated and made it easier to understand this type of lifestyle.  I was rooting for Nicky and Jackson all the way, and the growth and self-awareness each achieved during their story made for a satisfying and smoking hot read.

Book Blurb for Skin Deep

There's a fine line between pleasure and pain...

When she's kidnapped from the bar where she works, Nicky has to admit that she's strangely aroused. She always knew her possessive ex-lover Jackson Bledsoe, a notoriously famous tattoo artist, had a kinky side. But even for him, this was wild.

Jackson has his reasons. He and Nicky both share the same tattoo—a fallen angel that became even more than just part of their skin. Now, there is only one way for Jackson to rid himself of his obsession with her. Put her back under the needle, and get rid of the piece of art that made them one.

It's bringing out the submissive in Nicky—the chance to give her body over to a dominant male and pierce the boundary between pleasure and pain. Under Jackson's artful control, Nicky must confront her darkest desires and most sensual fears. As she and Jackson feed each other's addictive hungers, the game begins. It's only a matter of time before it goes too far...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.00