Siren Misfit

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Siren Misfit

The Misfits Book 2

Running and hiding all her life, Lana has a lot of questions. Questions such as who she is and where she's going in life. When she finds herself in Limbo witnessing an epic battle she finds herself doing what she can with what's she's got; her siren song. Or screech, depending on who you talk to.

Enter Jory, demi god and all around badass. He attaches himself to Lana like white on rice and they go on an investigative journey to find out who she is, but there are forces at work against her.

Quick read with author's signature snark. Enjoyed Jory and Lana's interactions and chemistry. They just seemed to mesh like fated mates would. The story moved smoothly with plenty going on to keep me invested and interested in the outcome. I did not read the first book in this series, and didn't feel left behind too much. A good and entertaining read.

Book Blurb for Siren Misfit

A siren who's terrified of the ocean...with a destiny that involves a hunky shirtless dude.

Ever meet a mermaid terrified of the ocean? The closest I get to saltwater is in my bath.

As for singing? My siren heritage left me with a killer voice. Literally. Some people can charm animals out of trees. Me? They jump to their deaths rather than listen to another note.

I know I’m different. And I’m cool with it. What I’m not cool with is the meathead who decides that he’s my fated mate. Just because he’s tall, handsome, and muscle-bound doesn’t mean I’m going to fall into bed with him. We might do it standing upright first.

Don’t judge. I deserve a little fun, especially since I think my time on Earth is limited.

The nightmares are getting stronger. The mood swings nastier. The ocean is calling, but I don’t think it wants to give me a gentle embrace.

Can a misfit who doesn’t belong anywhere find a way to survive the future—and maybe even fall in love?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2019 4.00