Sinner's Fall

Book Four in the Brooklyn Sinners series.

I remember Tommy and if you’ve been reading this series in order you do, too. He and Mateo had a brief encounter in a previous book and that leads us to now. Tommy was a victim but has risen above his past. But his past keeps finding him. He’s once again suffering at the hands of another but this time he’s not alone. Mateo has been grieving the loss of Tommy, blaming himself for his quick disappearing act. And he’s right; he is responsible. That’s a hard pill to swallow. But after Tommy and Mateo have an awkward reunion and clear the air, they just might have a chance.

I love this series about strong men who fall hard. These are not pretty romances, with giggles and puppy dogs. These men are dangerous and to be feared, unless you are the one they love. Then anyone who tries to hurt you should run for their lives. With a few cameos from our previous book’s main characters, and the appearance of two feds we’ve been introduced before (foreshadowing anyone?) this was a dark continuation of this intriguing series. The bad guy in this particular tale was a real nasty one, and I loved how Mateo handled him. I look forward to the next book, as always.

Book Blurb for Sinner's Fall

Tommy Jankowski is hiding from a past he can’t escape and a man he can’t forget. With a new name and resolve, he settles in a small California town. It’s there he catches the eye of a predator. Fearing for his life, Tommy reaches out to his old boss for help. The man who shows up is the last person Tommy is prepared to face.

Mateo Oliveros hasn’t forgiven himself for scaring Tommy so bad he took off running. When Mateo gets a call that Tommy is in danger, he doesn’t think twice before rushing to the rescue, but Tommy isn’t happy to see him. Mateo’s plan is to eliminate Tommy’s problem then walk away, but that’s getting harder and harder to do. The pull between them hasn’t disappeared, in fact, it burns hotter and brighter. With neither man willing to give in, they’re both headed for a fall. It’s only a matter of who goes first.

A Romantica® male/male erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50