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Space Gypsy Chronicles Book 2

We find ourselves in a dire situation, and after the last book ending on a cliffhanger I was dying to read the next installment. It doesn’t disappoint.

Oblivion is the new king of the ring in the Pit. Sure he’s a prisoner and doesn’t have any choice, but color him surprised that he’s enjoying himself. The fighting, the prizes. Is it something in the air?

Left on the ship that hates her, Emma is climbing the walls in worry. As she maneuvers herself to where Rafe is, she thinks she’s pulled one over on the AI that is determined to make her life miserable. Come to find out, she’s the one who was maneuvered and she’s in a major pickle. Using her charm and brains, or her sheer naivete, she finds her way to Rafe. Or at least he looks like him. She starts her campaign to make him remember her, and while at times it feels wrong, she’s determined. We are all in for a surprise.

Awesome read and the author whacked me upside the head with the big reveal. The book totally entertained, the visuals woven in my brain vivid and at times really gross; alien anatomy leaves a lot to be desired. The inner dialogue of Oblivion was snarky and hilarious, as well as his interaction with the alien who ran the Pit, JD, and Emma. I thoroughly inhaled the book and wait anxiously for the next, because we are once again left dangling off a cliff. Darn it.

Book Blurb for Sinner

All he remembers is how to survive.

Waking up not knowing his name probably isn’t the worst thing that ever happened to him. I think. With no memories, he can’t know for sure, and while he chases the thin threads of recollection, he must fight for his life in Lac’uus.

Also known as the pit, Lac’uus is where those with vices come to play. Except he’s not one of the buyers. Sold to pay a debt, Oblivion must fight if he wants to survive and prove cunning if he wants to escape.

Or…he could just stay.

There is no denying the intoxicating adrenaline of the fights, the females offered as prizes alluring. And he might have been content with his lot in life if not for the new concubine who glares at him with such accusation.

The female, a human from Earth, acts as if she knows him. Responds with soft gasps to his touch. She claims they share an intimate past, a past he doesn’t remember but has certainly betrayed with his sins.

But he won’t apologize for what he’s done. The rules are different in the pit, and Oblivion does what he must to survive until the day his memories come smashing back and the sinner must face his past.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 4.50