Evie is a 19-year-old girl living like she’s eleven. Her father dictates all aspects of her life and uses threats to keep things that way. Threats she believes because he’s followed through. When she encounters Van buying marijuana from her neighbor they strike up a strange relationship that morphs into a romantic liaison. Can two damaged people have what others take for granted?

I’m not familiar with how abused children behave so can’t judge but Evie was an interesting blend of bold and bashful. It was like she was driven to do certain things and that her inner filter was bypassed since she never had to use one; her father made all decisions. Van was another mystery altogether. He appeared harsh and one to avoid but was all kinds of gentle and courteous with Evie. They brought out aspects in the other that were usually hidden and suppressed. Like halves of a whole rejoined again.

There were inconsistencies that gnawed at my brain such as Van’s economic awareness but he still buys pot and Evie’s boldness when she’s been sequestered, but as a whole they were both believable and their growing romance kept my interest. Will they have a long-term future together? Who knows, but they did one another a lot of good and helped the other with gaps in their respective lives. A steamy romance that was different from any other I’d read before.

Book Blurb for Sheltered

Evie has lived her entire life under her abusive father’s thumb. He controls everything. Where she goes to college, who she sees, what she does. But when she meets Van—a punk who shows her how different life could be—she realizes how much she’s been missing.

Van offers her excitement, protection, love…and most of all, sex—even if he’s at first reluctant to give her all the things she’s been craving. She wants to explore this new world of arousal and desire, but Van is only too aware of how fragile she is, how innocent…

And how much is at stake, when their love is forbidden.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 3.50